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Theme: The Digital Age: Transformation and its Societal Impacts

Sub Theme: 10 Years of CPEC: A Critical Review and Way Forward


Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), with its partners, invites submissions to the 11th Asian Management Research and Case Conference 2024 (AMRC).


The rapid advancement of digital technologies has ushered in a new era of profound transformation, changing every aspect of our lives, including communication, work, information consumption, engagement with businesses and governments, and personal and professional interaction. Globally, the adoption of transformative technologies has accelerated. This has led to the redefinition of traditional business landscapes and societal structures. We continue to move towards an increasingly interconnected and technology-driven future. However, all of this has not occurred without its challenges. Issues such as data privacy and security, ethical use of AI and automation, the digital divide and access disparities, and the potential impact of technology on the changing nature of work in terms of job displacement and inequality are important considerations. The challenges facing us are manifold, heterogeneous, and complex. In order to explore this debate further and add to the research on this topic, this year’s conference theme is “The Digital Age: Transformation and its Societal Impacts”.


This conference provides a unique platform for researchers, academics, and industry practitioners to explore the multifaceted impact of the digital age on various dimensions of management within the context of Asian societies. We invite contributions that shed light on the challenges, opportunities, and societal implications arising from this digital transformation. Submissions are welcomed from diverse disciplines, fostering an interdisciplinary dialogue that examines the profound influence of digitalization on society at large.


Submissions may include: Research Papers and Teaching Cases.


All submissions will be reviewed based on originality, rigour, and relevance to the conference theme. All accepted manuscripts will be presented at the conference.




Authors are requested to submit full-text papers (.doc, .docx or .pdf) including results, tables, figures and references through electronic submission systems which can be found here. The paper should not be more than 25 pages (including the abstract, figures, tables and references) single spaced in Times New Roman 12pt font in A4 size page. Page margin from Top = 0.75", Bottom = 1.69", Left = Right = 0.56" should be set.

For formatting reference please find a template here.





The case and teaching note should be a .doc, .docx or .pdf file/s, single spaced using Times New Roman 12pt font in A4 size page. Page margin from Top = 0.75", Bottom = 1.69", Left = Right = 0.56" should be set. The case itself should normally not exceed 20 pages, including all exhibits. A teaching note is mandatory for a case submission. To ensure a blind review process, please do not include any author information in your document (check File Properties to ensure that your name is not automatically provided as the author of the document).

Please click here for case writing guidelines.





Research papers and teaching cases may address, but not be restricted to, the main theme of the conference. The conference sub-themes are:


  Accounting & Finance

  Gender, ethnicity, and diversity 

  Corporate Social Responsibility


  Human Resource Management

  International Business


  Managerial Economics



  Organisational Behaviour

  Cross-Cultural Management




  Faculty members from colleges and universities

  PhD students

  Postgraduate and research students

  Professionals from business organisations

  Members of research institutions & professional associations


  Other interested parties




Dr. Abdul Karim Khan, United Arab Emirates University

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Moyeen, University of Dhaka

Dr. Faiza Ali, Lahore University of Management Sciences

Dr. M. Adeel Zaffar, Lahore University of Management Sciences